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Namibia is a country just North West of South Africa, in the African Continent 


It is the home of the 2nd largest rhino population in the world.

Conservationists at heart, family Oelofse has over the years raised several black & white rhinos, which were all released back into the wild at Okonjati reserve.


The "Namibian Rhino Breeding Project" has elected the Olelofses as custodians to provide a safe environment to rescued rhinos.   Let's all give them a hand to continue their great efforts to protect our rhinos. 


To learn more about their 

succesful Rhino stories 

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Even legendary John Wayne was so impressed with what Jan was doing in Africa, that he had to come and see for himself!


We are partnering up with a wonderful family of legendary conservationists -The Oelofses!

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