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Rhino Population

1900:  500,000

1970:    65,000

2016:    25,000

2020:    Maybe 0?

Poaching Problem


Illegally entering into private property to kill animals. 

Poaching of Rhinos

Some people think that the rhino horn can cure diseases, and they use it in traditional Asian medicines for example.  

Also, the rhino horn is bought and used as a symbol of wealth and status in Yemen, Vietnam and other countries where they use the rhino horn to make handles for daggers called jambiyas. 

To learn more about why people illegally trade rhino horns and what they are used for read "Rhino Horn Use: Fact vs. Fiction" by PBS.

World Wildlife Fund


What does "poaching" mean to our rhinos?

By clicking on this link you will be able to see what poaching looks like.  Warning! -This is not good for kids to see; it is very graphic, so please use discretion. 


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