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My name is Sophia and  I am 6 years old from San Antonio, TX.  In Kindergarten at Tuscany Heights Elementary, my teacher asked us to think about what we want to do in the future.  And I want to help the RHINOS!


I recently visited Namibia, where I learned a lot about the horrible act of poaching that is driving our rhinos straight to extinction.    I also had the privilege of helping to care for two orphaned baby rhinos that Annette Oelofse adopted. Their names are !Xhi and Yandja.  Since they have lost their mommies, Annette is rasing them so they can survive in the wild once they are strong enough to fend for themselves.

There is so much work we still have to do to protect the rhinos!  We must work together to fight and prevent poaching and also to rescue and help the orphaned baby rhinos that have lost their mommies to poaching. 


They are defensless against those cruel attacks; it's in your hands and mine to make a difference!


I strongly encourge you to take part in this situation.  Your participation is CRUCIAL to our rhinos -yes, this is OUR planet and these are OUR rhinos; yours and mine.   Let's join forces to protect them!

With your donation you are extending your hand all the way to Africa and making a huge difference in their lives!!!

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