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Preventing Poaching

Our friends on site are doing a great job preventing poaching, they know exactly what needs to be done to be effective. However, as you know, everything needs funding to become a reality. These are some of the action items that we can help fund:

  • Regular surveillance helicopter flights

  • CCTV camera supervision

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • Employement of independent security

  • Equipment and training for guides doing ground level surveillance

In addition to poaching, our rhinos face a number of other threats like starvation. 

Namibia and South Africa have not gotten enough rain and that makes food for our rhinos difficult to obtain. 


  • To combat severe drought, rhinos are provided supplemental alfalfa on a daily basis. 

  • At Mount Etjo, aproximately 6.5 tons of alfalfa are been fed a day during the dry season. As a result, 100% of rhinos in this area survived. 

When baby rhinos lose their mommies (mostly to poaching), the little babies are left defensless against predators (like the hyenas who ate my friend's !Xhi ear and tail). 

It's very important that we help save these babies, who in time will contribute to the growth of their specie.

Annette Oelofse has raised several white and black rhinos and she is aiming to establish an orphanage. 

We can help by providing funding for:

  • Infrastructure to host a larger number of orphaned rhinos

  • Milk & glucose (they drink up to 21 liters a day!)

  • Employ guides to be with them 24/7 providing security and care (bottle feeding, alfalfa feeding, mud baths, etc.)

  • Veterinary and medications

Everybody knows about South Africa, but almost nobody knows about Namibia and that's not fair.   Rhinos in Namibia want to live too.  I am little and I know what it's like to be left behind by the big kids.  That's why I want to help the rhinos in Namibia.  And by the way, this is how you pronounce it: Na-mi-bi-a. 

To learn more about it click here. 


Protecting Existing Rhinos

Rescuing Rhino Orphans

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